openFrameworks Python Binding for Mac OS X

openframeworks-python-binding Screenshot

Download openFrameworks Python Binding Project (ZIP file, 43 MB)
Download Testcase, includes required binaries (ZIP file, 5.9 MB)

Built on Mac OS X 10.4.11 with Xcode 2.4.1, Python 2.5.

This is an openFrameworks (0.04) – Python binding for Mac OS X. The Python-Binding XCode Project and Python example files are located in the of_v0.04_xcode/app/pythonBinding directory. SWIG configuration and wrapper files are located in the of_python_binding_xcode directory. The project is based on an original openFrameworks – Python binding for the Win32 platform.


Fire up a terminal, change to the of_v0.04_xcode/app/pythonBinding/ptest directory and enter the following line:

	$ python
If everything works right an openFrameworks rendering window should appear showing the example.

Note: Python 2.5 must be installed on your system. As the binding references the Python.framework image for version 2.5 you will not be able to run the pre-built binaries as long as this version of the Python framework is not installed on your OS X instance.

Published October 20th, 2008 — Last updated October 29th, 2008